Swedish Champion 2013 – 5th in a row!

This years Swedish National Brass Band Championships were held in Värnamo 8-9 November, featuring the top 4 brass bands from around Sweden. The set test piece was Journey into Freedom by Eric Ball and our Own choice testpiece was Of Distant Memories written by Edward Gregson.

Windcorp Brass Band won the elitdivision by a margin of 7 points!

Another highlight of the festival was to play the galaconcert with Mr James Morrison.

Soloist prize and Best Conductor prize went to Solna Brass Euphonium player Håkan Wikeståhl and our conductor Phillip McCann.

2013 Results Elite Section:

1. Windcorp Brass Band, 93 + 97 – totalt 95 p
2. Betlehemskyrkans Musikkår, Göteborg, 91+ 92 – totalt 91,5 p
3. Solna Brass, 88+ 94 – totalt 91 p
4. Uffes Blås Brass Band, 86+ 90 – totalt 88 p