The Band

Windcorp Brass Band was established in Gothenburg in January 2005 by Andreas Kratz and Anders Hellman and is made up of professional musicians, music pedagogues and skilful amateurs with one common denominator – the wish to play brass band at a high musical level. The home base is Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast but the band members are located all over south and middle Sweden. In spite of its short history the band has already made an impression on the international brass band scene.

Being reigning Swedish Champions they have appeared with highly esteemed conductors and artists like Prof. Garry Cutt, Prof. David King, Phillip McCann, James Morrison, Nils Landgren, Richard Marshall, Lucy Cutt, James Fountain, Glenn van Looy, Owen Farr, Michael Becquet, Richard Phillips, Frode Amundsen, Chris Houlding, Mogens Andresen, Stefan Schulz & Øystein Baadsvik.

On the contest scene the band’s greatest success is the win of the elite section at the International Grenland Brass Band Festival in May 2008.
Windcorp Brass Band has won the Swedish National Championships 8 times,
2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

In april 2011 Windcorp Brass Band represented Sweden at European Brass Band Championships in Montreux and in 2013 in Oslo.